Feb 16 Weekly Meal Plan


Weekly meal planning… I know it sounds very exciting!

My wife and I have at least two late work nights per week, and having lunches and dinners throughout the week (without wasting money on food courts) is important.

This week’s plan starts with some already boiled chickpeas that are in the fridge, combined with some penne pasta, and some olive oil infused with garlic and spices, such as dried hot pepper, fennel seed, peppercorn, and bay leaf (warm the ingredients over low heat for approx 10 minutes, then let steep off heat. Strain oil and keep in refrigerator for up to a week).


For the remaining days of the week:

  • a large batch of shrimp fried rice that can cover two days
  • peanut sauce over asian noodles and cucumber
  • hummus with harissa and crudites
  • cauliflower stew
  • fajitas with peppers, onions and mashed avacado
  • bean nachos
  • and Thai curry, noodle, and chicken soup with coconut milk a la Bon Appetit

At the end of the week, let’s check back on which recipe pans out as best of the week.


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